Cryosphere Rebrands to Cryoniss – 28 May 2020.

Cryosphere Services rebrands to become Cryoniss and launches a new corporate image.

rebrand | Cryoniss

Cryosphere Services Ltd was registered in March 2018.

In 2 years Sonia Houghton and Phil Hargreaves have established a world class biological sample storage capability.  The two facilities at Alderley Park and The Heath in Cheshire can store over a million samples at one time.

Sonia, Chief Executive Officer, commented, “It has been an incredible journey.  Everyone has been so supportive.  Being part of the network of science-based companies at Alderley Park and The Heath has been amazing.  We have learned such a lot, including how we want to operate and what is important to us as a business”.

“For us being a customer-focused company is key.  Our philosophy of continual improvement combined with our flexibility and attention to detail has been significant to our growth.  As has our commitment to the highest standards of science”, Sonia continued.

“As our company developed, we realised that our original brand no longer reflected accurately who we are, what we have become and how we want to be represented”, added Phil, Chief Operating Officer.  “Having a Brand Director come on board meant we could develop a strong brand which gave a clear company identity”.

Changing the name of the company was part of the new corporate branding image.

“Getting it right took some time, but we are pleased with the end result.  Launching our new website and developing the marketing collateral has been an odd mixture of fun and angst!”, added Gareth, Brand Director. Read more about the rebrand process here.

Even in these unprecedented times, Cryoniss is looking forward to growing and developing as a company. Sonia said, “For us it is still about managing a process, ensuring samples remain of the highest quality and that we provide an excellent service”.

Cryoniss provide a comprehensive storage service for biological samples from ambient, +4°C, -20°C, -80°C, and vapour phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C).

With a wealth of experience in supporting drug discovery projects from early stage target identification through to clinical trials and life cycle management, we deliver tailored storage and logistics management services to customers conducting scientific research.