Clinical Research

What are the problems?

It has been estimated that the post-approval life cycle of developing and gaining market approval of a new therapeutic costs $2.9 billion. Not only is this extremely costly, it also requires the participation in clinical trials of thousands of courageous, healthy and patient recruits. Depending upon the treatment in question, this can involve invasive treatments and sampling techniques, e.g. biopsies.

As researchers and clinicians, we have a moral and ethical obligation to respect their contribution and ensure their samples are kept to the highest level of integrity and safety, to ensure their personal contribution to the trial yields the highest quality of data to support the development of the therapeutic and ultimately impact patients’ lives and their families and friends. Alongside this, we must as a scientific community respect these individuals’ requests should they wish, for example, to remove their consent for use of the samples.

How can we help?

At Cryoniss we support clinical trial contract research organisations, as well as drug discovery and development focused companies, to ensure the quality of their clinical samples are maintained to the highest standard. Providing end-to-end cold chain management solutions, Cryoniss can arrange the secure and prompt collection, sample processing and storage of patient samples. Upon completion of the clinical trial, Cryoniss can continue to store these samples under its Human Tissue Authority licence, providing consent governance to ensure patients’ samples continue to positively impact future scientific advancements.

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