Cell Banking | Quality Control Testing

ApconiX provide ion channel screening services, and need high quality, qualified cell lines in their research.

Cryoniss support ApconiX by providing assurance of their cellular reagents. Their engineered cell lines are safely stored in our world-class vapour phase liquid nitrogen facility at Alderley Park. At Cryoniss, we provide optimal storage and logistics management of samples.

Our customers have access to their samples whenever required. Next-day access is included in all our contracts and we are always happy to accommodate urgent requests when needed.

Apconix | Cryoniss

“We are a contract research organisation providing ion channel screening data to clients. Our clients demand we provide this data quickly, so our processes and workflows need to be quick and efficient. Everything we do in the laboratory is cell-based. With Cryoniss, we know our cells are safe and accessible the next working day. Sonia and her team are incredibly helpful and provide us with a great service.”

Karen Jones | Senior Research Scientist | ApconiX

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