Diagnostic and Reagent Kits.

Are you using valuable lab space, expensive power and heightened insurance premiums to ensure the security and safety of your manufactured kits?

Store your manufactured kits in our world-class UK based facility or make use of our streamlined logistics service and expert team to outsource your world-wide distribution and generate a Diagnostic-Distribution Hub.

We aren’t just experts in cold-storage – our specialist storage conditions; robust business continuity plans and extensive industry experience make us the ideal storage provider.

We cater for kits requiring storage from controlled ambient down to vapour phase liquid nitrogen (-196 ˚C) and our experience means that we are able to offer next-day dispatch of kits as standard, following ‘first expiry, first out’ protocol to ensure your stocks are maintained appropriately.

We are also located ideally to coordinate the distribution of your kits worldwide, saving you hours of non-value-added time on the phone navigating customs requirements.

Why Our Customers Trust Us for Diagnostic and Reagent Kit Storage.

Trust Cryoniss to protect your brand and reputation. Working to the principles of cGMP we place the security of your kits at the heart of what we do. Quality checks are in place at every stage to maintain the integrity of your product, and all products are tracked using our cloud-based laboratory inventory management system.

Our robust dual HVAC systems have onsite temperature and humidity data logging facility as well as alert and reporting functionalities which ensure your kits will not be impacted by any deviations.

Alongside an on-site engineering team, our own highly trained team provide 24/7/365 call out support to ensure your kits are safe and that you have easy access to them.

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Logistics Support

We work seamlessly with our premium courier partners to provide you with complete end-to-end logistics support and cold-chain management, providing you with peace of mind about the quality of your manufactured kits.  

Our industry experience means we understand the importance of successfully negotiating customs without delay and we utilise our knowledge of the regulatory landscape on a global level to protect you from that headache. Our team have completed a certification in the current requirements for UK imports and exports.

Our Facilities and Standards

Our facilities are monitored 24/7/365 with 21 CFR Part 11 and ISO9001 compliant laboratory monitoring systems, providing alerting and reporting functionalities and all of our procedures are in line with the principles of Good Laboratory Practice.

Enabling our customers to ensure their research always remains of the highest possible standard is the cornerstone of our business. We work tirelessly to maintain optimal storage and end-to-end logistics service, providing our customers with next-day access to their samples with minimal effort. No more hunting through overfilled, frosted up freezers for hours!

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