Medicinal Product Storage

Working to Good Distribution Practice, we guarantee the integrity and security of your medicinal product storage as your approved storage and distribution partner.

Regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency as a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (Human) holder, Cryoniss is able to support its customers with the storage and distribution of medicinal products once approved by the appropriate regulatory authority.

Why Our Customers Trust Us

Working to Good Distribution Practice we can guarantee the integrity and security of your medicinal products as your approved storage and distribution partner.

Placing patient safety at the heart of our operations, we have implemented a robust Quality Management System, aligned with our bespoke facilities to ensure the safety and integrity of medicinal products and the wider supply chain.

Our Quality Management System ensures that we manage the supply chain, together with our customers and suppliers, providing end-to-end cold chain logistics support that complies with Good Distribution Practice.

Product stock management is maintained using a cloud-based inventory management system, where First Expiry First Out stock rotation is guaranteed.

With due diligence checks and extensive training in place, bolstered by extensively audited procedures, our employees can be trusted to keep product safe and secure.

Through our robust Business Continuity Management System, backup procedures are in place to ensure the integrity of products is maintained at every stage.

Medicinal Product Storage

Our Facilities

The Heath Business and Technical Park, where Cryoniss has its specialist capabilities for storage of medicinal products from room temperature down to -80 °C, is a secure bioscience business resource with 24/7 on-site security team and CCTV monitoring.

The Science Centre, where Cryoniss is based, has card-key restricted access and Cryoniss’ facilities have two different digi-locks to enter the facility.

All of our premises are digitally monitored, and all storage units individually locked to ensure maximum security.

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