Cryoniss Facility Asset Manager

What do I do at Cryoniss?

By overseeing all the services provided by Cryoniss, it is my responsibility to make everything run like a well-oiled machine. I am a strong believer in process, efficiency and improvement. Rest assured that Cryoniss will forever be developing, to make our services better for the samples we store and our customer experience.

How did I come to join Cryoniss?

How does someone become so passionate about sample storage? In 2014, I started working in Sonia’s team, in AstraZeneca as a lab technician. Within the cryogenic facility is where it all began. I couldn’t tell you what it was exactly that I found so interesting. I just wanted to know and learn everything about the department, and more importantly, how I could make it even better. I soon learned the importance of samples and how vital their quality is for research. For such small things, they can have a such big impact. Being a slightly shorter than average bloke myself, I know exactly what that is like.

In my own time I enjoy a nice cold beer, playing guitar and anything outdoors. You just can’t beat hiking around Snowdonia in the middle of winter, snow on the ground and below zero temperatures. Thinking about it, this is probably why I feel at home working in cryotanks and freezers all day.

Phil | Cryoniss

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