Our Culture

In such a highly regulated industry, values and cultures that are consistent, shared and lived lead to success. Our mission, combined with our values drives our strategic objectives and determines our culture.

What drives Cryoniss?

Cryoniss exists to positively impact human health by enabling exceptional life sciences research, development and commercialisation. Our culture is based on a sense of shared purpose to operate to the highest scientific and regulatory standards, ethically, with environmental responsibility. Our values and culture make this possible.

Our culture

What are our values and culture?

Expertise: We use our expert scientific knowledge to make sure our service is
efficient, accurate and secure.

Consistency: We make sure our procedures work, time and time again.

Agility: We are flexible and dynamic, responding quickly to customer requests and
to change.

Customer Focused: We are authentic in our interactions and communicate openly, honestly and respectfully.

Trustworthiness: We understand the value of the samples and products we store and are proud to be trusted with them.

These values are the cornerstone of not only how we look after the samples and
products we store, but also how treat our customers, our suppliers, and everyone we come into contact with. We are proud that our culture permeates every area of the business and that our values are lived and breathed in every action and interaction we undertake.

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