Pre-clinical research


The drug discovery pipeline is all about moving a potential therapeutic from bench to bedside.  However, determining the efficacy of a therapeutic candidate, alongside its toxicity, pharmokinetic, pharmacodynamic and safety information, involves a significant and bespoke package of work.  Biological samples are used as human models of physiology and disease in these studies (in vitro) and together with animal models (in vivo) and in silico analysis of drug-target interactions, researchers can identify the lead candidate for progression into the clinical phase.

Before moving to the clinical phase, however, researchers must develop the best procedure for drug scale-up, drug formulation, route of entry, frequency of dosing and during of exposure. All of this is required to support the intended clinical trial design.

How can we help?

Whether our customers are developing new therapeutics to impact patients’ lives or are contract service providers offering specialist analysis for other drug discovery companies to access (such as safety assessment analysis), Cryoniss understands that the quality and integrity of the data generated in these pre clinical studies is only as good as the samples used in analyses. That’s why we work with our customers to offer specialist storage services from ambient down to vapour phase liquid nitrogen, with tailored end-to-end cold chain management solutions, including next-day access to samples as standard.

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