Dora Pasztor M.D.

Independent Research Professional

Any audit will always provide a fresh pair of eyes on our systems and an opportunity to improve them even further.

As a highly regulated company, Cryoniss prides itself on always being fully transparent and honest with its customers, and is very happy to work with Customers, their Quality Assurance Teams and Regulatory Auditors to provide that reassurance that we are endlessly working to ensure the safety of samples stored. 

Dora Pasztor was employed by a new customer to carry out independent research and an on-site audit, to ensure compliance with Good Clinical Practice.  Dora spent two days with the Cryoniss team, assessed both of our operational sites and carried out a thorough review of our procedures.

“I appreciate the hospitality and cordial manner in which you and your staff approached my recent overall audit of the above noted premises’ to assess compliance of your specific services in compliance with Good Clinical Practice, requirements for applicable government regulations and Client requirements.”

Dora Pasztor M.D. | Independent Research Professional

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