Careers at Cryoniss

Why work with Cryoniss?

What makes Cryoniss special? We are a progressive, forward-thinking and results-driven organisation. We firmly believe that the success of Cryoniss depends on ensuring that our people are happy, engaged and motivated. From the outset, we knew exactly the kind of workplace we wanted to become. We knew the kind of culture we wanted to create. We’ve used that awareness and sense of purpose to build Cryoniss into a truly flexible and rewarding place to work.

Why choose careers with Cryoniss?

Our success to date has been built on the expertise, commitment and professionalism of our employees. We are proud to have an engaged and talented workforce. We strive to inspire and develop our employees in their chosen careers. Alongside this, we offer flexible working to help to ensure our employees maintain a positive work-life balance. Cryoniss prioritise the mental and physical wellbeing of our team as our most important asset. Taking care of our employees and their wellbeing is our top priority and we offer a wide range of benefits.

When you choose careers at Cryoniss you will be able to:

• Take time to rejuvenate and recharge with your paid leave of 25 days (plus 8 bank holidays).

• Care for yourself with our comprehensive private health insurance plan

• Flexible working

• Achieve balance – work one day a week from home

• Get mental health support for you and your family in times of need with employee
counselling sessions


What does employee engagement look like at Cryoniss?

Our people are our biggest and most important asset. Cryoniss believes that promoting and supporting diversity is not only good for business but also creates a more inclusive environment. Most importantly, this approach is the right thing to do. An engaged employee is one who gives their best and is driven to meet and exceed expectations. The wellbeing of our people is directly related to the employee satisfaction provided by their job, manager, team, and the company as a whole.

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