Cell Banking

Store your master and archival cell banks in our world class UK based cell banking facility for longer-term safe storage.

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Make use of our streamlined processes for daily access to your working bank of cells, with our team coordinating all logistics on your behalf. We provide next-day dispatch and receipt of samples for cell banking with our simple and straightforward processes.

It is well documented that whilst cryopreservation remains the primary method of choice, long-term cellular viability is dependent upon an optimised freezing, thawing and recovery process. At Cryoniss we use the latest technologies and have optimised our cryo-handling procedures to ensure sample integrity. These procedures include the use of liquid nitrogen adsorbed workstations and dry shippers for shipments between sites.

Why Our Customers Trust Us for Cell Banking

We provide next-day dispatch and receipt of samples for cell banking with our simple and streamlined processes, working with premium logistics couriers who, like Cryoniss, place sample integrity at the core of their business.

This enables our customers to either store their Master or Archival cell banks with us or utilise our services as their primary Working Bank – giving the whole team daily access to samples.

We can even implement a routine quality control testing process for you, providing the assurance you need that your data is of the highest quality.

All cell bank samples are stored on our HIPPA compliant, secure, fully auditable and cloud based laboratory information management system (LIMS).

Cell banking

Full Cell Bank Sample Visibility

There’s nothing worse than validating your high-throughput screening assay on a specific cell bank, only to find out a colleague has used up the remaining vials of that bank to run a Western Blot and other cell banks for whatever reason just don’t work quite as well.

That’s why Cryoniss customers have full visibility of their samples, either through the provision of inventory reports or customer portals that provide constant visibility of cell bank samples to the whole team. Individual cell banks can also be reserved for specific members of staff if required.

International Cell Banking Capability

We provide vapour phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C) storage, working to the principles of Good Laboratory Practice as standard and to cGMP where required for clients that require this service, at our world-class facilities at Alderley Park.

Our facilities are secure access controlled premises and have comprehensive alert and reporting functionalities which are continuously monitored by a validated 21 CFR Part 11 and ISO 9001 compliant laboratory system. The facility is managed by an on-site engineering team, alongside our own highly trained team, who a provide 24/7 365 call out response.

We work to a 3-to-1 ratio to ensure built-in redundancy of storage across all temperature ranges supported. We have robust Business Continuity Plans in place to deal with emergency situations should they arise including back-up generators to maintain business as usual.

We are regulated to store the following samples

  • Up to and including biosafety level 2 material.
  • Human Tissue Act-regulated material.
  • Genetically modified organisms, up to and including class II
  • High risk category 2 animal by products, as regulated by the Animal and Plant Health Agency.

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