Cell Culture Services – Qualified Cell Banks Generated and Maintained to the Highest Standards

Cell banks cultured to exceptional quality and consistency, available when you need them most, with next day sample dispatch as standard.

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Every scientist knows that the quality of cell data produced from any experiment is only as good as the quality of the reagents used.

This is particularly true when it comes to cell banking, where best practice tissue culture is critical for ensuring cryobanks are free from contaminants, as well as ensuring cells revive with good viability post-thaw.

Cryoniss was built by scientists, for scientists, and so we understand how much the chores of non-value-added time can impact a scientist’s core tasks. Our mission has always been split between ensuring the quality of samples is maintained to the highest standards whilst under our governance and removing as much non-value-added time from our customers, so that researchers can focus on innovative science. Removing the chore, so you can focus on the core.

Why Cryoniss Customers Trust Us with Their Cell Banks.

Trust Cryoniss to protect your brand and reputation. Working in collaboration with Perfectus Biomed, Cryoniss provide a complete end-to-end cell banking solution, ensuring the viability and quality of the cells at every stage – from shipment between labs, culturing and cryopreservation to best practice techniques, alongside secure storage in our world-class, vapour phase liquid nitrogen facility.

Working to Good Laboratory Practice standards, every cell bank generated undergoes a rigorous qualification process, so you can trust your reagents to provide you with consistent, repeatable and reproducible data.

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How the Cell Bank Collaboration Between Cryoniss & Perfectus Biomed Works

Cell bank

A standard cell bank quality control package includes:

  • Mycoplasma screening
  • Cell line authentication
  • Cell sterility analysis
  • Total cell count, viable cell count and viability data
  • Post-thaw growth curve and visual cell sterility check
  • Morphology check and accompanying image at 70% confluency

Additional screens are also available upon request:

  • Human viral screens
  • Mouse viral screensCell banks can be fully tailored to your company’s needs; whether that be a large-scale assay ready bank, or a live cell supply. Trust Cryoniss to deliver high quality cell lines to your labs when you need them, keeping your project timelines on track.

 Why Choose Cryoniss for your Cell Bank?

  • With over 20 years’ experience of managing AstraZeneca’s cell supply, Cryoniss’ management team have developed this service alongside the expert team at Perfectus Biomed, based on extensive scientific and project management experience of delivering cell banks to support critical project timelines. Whether it is a scheduled HTS, or an in vivo experiment, we understand the financial, ethical and subsequent downstream impacts if we do not deliver a high-quality cell bank to you when you need it.
  • Perfectus Biomed are a GLP and ISO 9001 compliant contract research organisation with expertise in developing and delivering bespoke assay builds. With specialist departments, led by PhD scientists with expertise in cellular, molecular and microbiology, Perfectus have the expertise and capability required to support the generation and qualification of high quality bespoke cell banks to the scientific community.
  • Only fully qualified cell banks will gain sign-off for release for your scientists to work with.
  • With a single email request, Cryoniss will coordinate all the cell culture and quality control testing work with Perfectus, and notify your team when cells are ready for ordering from our team. Of course, we’ll provide you with updates of progress at every stage of the process.
  • Have full visibility of your samples via our secure, HIPAA and GLP compliant inventory management system.
  • Just place an order by 11am the prior working day and we’ll dispatch the vials for you to an address of your choice the next morning. Alternatively, telephone your account manager if you need the cells on the road immediately.

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