Cell Line QC Testing

At Cryoniss we believe that reagent quality is the cornerstone of research excellence.  As such, we endeavour to provide our customers with the most up-to-date guidance documentation on sample handling and best practice documentation.  Alongside this, we provide coordination services for the quality control testing of research cell lines.  We have identified key contract research organisations who, in our experience, provide the most sensitive and reliable screens.

Screening currently available are:

  • Mycoplasma detection and elimination services

  • Cell line authentications services (human, mouse, rat, dog)

  • Species contamination services

  • Cell sterility services

  • Murine virus screens

  • Human virus screens

We provide weekly shipments to the appropriate our contract research organisation partners, coordinating all sample testing submissions and courier requirements.  We combine several companies’ samples, leveraging bulk purchasing savings and logistics fees, all of which are distributed across our customers per shipment.   

Contact us directly at solutions@cryoniss.com to arrange your quality control tests today.

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