Cryoniss Proudly Achieve 100% Sample Handling Accuracy

Based Against Cryoniss Lean 6 Sigma Sample Handling Accuracy Target Rate of 99.99966%

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The Highest Standard of Sample Handling

Our Chief Operating Officer, Phil Hargreaves talks about this accuracy achievement and how Cryoniss are reaching new levels of sample handling accuracy.

Cryoniss always aim to perform to the highest standard possible and this includes sample handling accuracy. To prove that we maintain this high standard and to measure it, we have mechanisms in place to record any deviations or errors, no matter how small, when handling samples – for example, something as simple as a sample located in an incorrect position by one space.

An error like this is very easy to rectify and has no effect on service, however, it is always corrected and recorded. This allows us to assess any trends and improve processes.

The number of deviations/errors recorded each month is compared with the number of samples handled each month and a figure in the form of a percentage is produced, which is known as the success rate.

What is Lean 6 Sigma

Cryoniss work to the principles of Lean 6 Sigma to minimise waste, improve sample accuracy and maximise efficiency. This is because the business world views Six Sigma as the gold-standard in quality measurement. Our sample handing accuracy target we have set for ourselves is 99.99966%

To learn more about how to calculate a Lean Six Sigma target, read more here.

As mentioned in Sonia’s blog “Delivering Agility Without Compromising On Quality,” it’s vitally important that we provide an agile service to our customers, but not at the expense of the quality of our delivery. To read the full blog, click here.

100% Success Rate

From March 2022 to the end of May 2022, Cryoniss’ operation teams have maintained a 100% success rate on all samples handled over this period, which I feel is a great achievement when handling 1000’s of samples monthly.

This achievement is down to the quality of our training and procedures which at their heart, hold sample integrity as the priority. This is coupled with our team’s values, including an open and honest culture, and their attitude to performing to the highest standard.

Although people may look at the success rate of 100% and think how can you still improve on that? Well, as an agile and adaptive business, we will continue to find areas to improve, whether it be efficiency improvements or our plans to work towards a more sustainable and greener future.

Cryoniss will always aim higher and develop better ways of working to benefit our clients, our employees, and the environment around us.