Happy Pride Month 2022

Pride is not just for Pride month.


It’s easy to rebrand your company logo for pride month, but if you don’t live and breathe those values, then what’s the point?

It’s all too easy to get yourself an ‘awareness day’ calendar, circle the date you need to change your social media avatar to the pride version, and religiously rebrand your logo to reflect the trending issue of the day.

If supporting the LGBT+ community and the pride movement doesn’t run through your policies and practices, this rainbow washing quickly become obvious, meaningless and all a bit awkward.

Insincere support is worse than no support at all.

Take the companies who merrily and instinctively hash-tagged, and therefore presumably promoted themselves as supporting International Women’s’ Day 2022 on Twitter only to be quickly called out by the Gender Pay Gap Bot using official data from gender-apy-gap.service.gov.uk.

Insincere and superficial support is worse than no support at all.

The Times They Are A Changing.

While thanks largely in part to better education and the pride movement in general, attitudes in the last 3o something years have improved dramatically, we would never had pride days or parades in the 1980’s much less feel they were the inclusive occasions and even mainstream events they are today, there is still much to do.

Most Britons would be accepting of a relative coming out although they are less supportive of transgender and non-binary people than those who are gay or bisexual

A new YouGov survey of eight western countries reveals how attitudes to LGBTQ+ communities differ. In Britain, one in fourteen people (7%) identify as LGBTQ+, while a further three in ten (31%) are close to someone who does.

However, it’s one thing to talk the talk, quite another, especially where the pride movement is concerned, to talk the talk.


So yes, you’ll notice we are using our rainbow logo for pride month, but we’d like to think that is backed up by our extensive and progressive Respect policy, developed to promote inclusivity and diversity.

Of course, it’s vital that these values are more than words and that they are brought to life by our behaviour throughout the organisation. A really important part of this is that we have a workforce that is treated fairly, with respect and feels valued for the contribution each employee makes.



From the first days of Cryoniss, we’ve been determined that all employees are entitled to dignity, respect and courtesy within the workplace and as an absolute minimum, to not experience any form of discrimination. People should take pride in who they are, and the difference they make to the team.

As such, in line with our absolute determination to be an open and honest workplace, all employees are encouraged to speak up against or indeed, call-out, any such behaviour, whether personally experienced or observed.

Cryoniss is committed to protecting our flexible, fair, and positive working environment as well as being a respectful and inclusive culture in which diverse contributions can flourish.

These commitments are reinforced through our employee values of consistency, expertise, agility, trustworthiness and people-focused, all of which outline how we should work together in a fair and inclusive manner to both build a better service and protect our employees right to be happy and safe at work.

Within Cryoniss, all employees are expected to treat each other with respect whatever their differences, perceived status, job role or relationship.