HSE Level 2 GMOs – Cryoniss Accreditations

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) governs the regulations that Cryoniss follows in order to keep people safe when handling samples we store.


Cryoniss is licenced to store up to and including level 2 GMOs

What does a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) licence mean to our customers?

The HSE governs the following regulations that Cryoniss is compliant with:

  • Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) Regulations 2014 (‘the GMO(CU) Regulations’
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002Cryoniss is licenced to store up to and including level 2 GMOs and adherence to these regulations enables Cryoniss to provide storage for a wide range of research tools and reagents.

Together with Cryoniss’ exceptional service standards, which include end-to-end cold chain management solutions and next day access to samples as standard, this makes Cryoniss a perfect partner for companies performing basic research through to those undertaking pre-clinical studies.

With state-of-the art storage facilities, from room temperature down to vapour phase liquid nitrogen, Cryoniss can ensure critical samples are maintained to the highest level of integrity for as long as required.

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