Sample Storage: Providing Confidence and Security

Cryoniss support Drug Discovery companies to consolidate their samples for security and peace of mind.


Cryoniss CEO, Sonia Houghton speaks to Revolo Biotherapeutics Senior Director Discovery, Dr Jorge De Alba.

Providing Confidence and Security in Sample Storage.

Cryoniss CEO, Sonia Houghton spoke to Revolo Biotherapeutics Senior Director Discovery, Dr Jorge De Alba, about Revolo’s mission to change the lives of people by revolutionising autoimmune and allergic disease treatment, and how Cryoniss help Revolo to achieve their aims.

SH: Tell us a little bit about Revolo Biotherapeutics and your role:

I am Senior Director of Discovery at Revolo Therapeutics where we are on a mission to change the lives of people by revolutionising autoimmune and allergic disease treatment. We are developing novel therapies that reset the immune system to achieve long-term disease remission. Revolo has a truly global footprint, with headquarters in both New Orleans, LA, in the US, and London in the United Kingdom.  Our team has a proven track record of success in funding and executing drug development and commercialization plans. 

SH: What are the challenges you faced and are still facing?

The company has grown very rapidly over the last two years in the middle of a global pandemic, with a team spread across all the US and UK.  We are managing multiple clinical trials while at the same time running a complex virtual R&D organization which works with multiple CRO’s and academic collaborators, so keeping track of all the samples generated is time consuming.

SH: How have Cryoniss helped you?

We needed support to consolidate all our samples in one place, both for peace of mind and security. We have so many projects ongoing so it’s just great for me to know that when I get the samples to you, they get registered and stored securely so that I can be confident they are organised and tracked.

Sample Storage | Revolo | Cryoniss

SH: How have you found working with the Cryoniss team?

So far everything has worked really well and the team in Cryoniss is really professional. The world we live in now will always present hurdles, but you’ve really helped us navigate them smoothly. Our collaboration has worked well so far, and we are looking forward to continuing this relationship in the know that our samples are being well looked after!

Thanks to Dr Jorge De Alba for taking the time to talk to Cryoniss.


Are You Looking for a Secure Sample Storage Solution?

If you are looking for peace of mind, security and confidence that your samples are securely managed and stored in a world class storage facility, then contact an expert at Cryoniss today.

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Who are Cryoniss?

Cryoniss is a UK-based outsourced managed service provider of temperature-controlled, biological sample storage and cold-chain logistics solutions, founded by former senior leaders of the global AstraZeneca cell banking operation, Sonia Houghton and Phil Hargreaves.

We’re Regulated to Store the Following Samples:

  • Human Tissue Act-regulated material
  • Genetically modified organisms, up to and including class II
  • APHA High risk category 2 animal by-products.
  • MHRA WDA (Human)

Want to Know More?

  • Many years experience working as bench scientists in the pharmaceutical industry means we recognise the importance of preserving sample integrity.
  • Our audit-ready procedures provide you with complete confidence.
  • Cyber-Essentials Plus accredited – the security of your data is a priority.
  • We set no minimum sample numbers – from a single sample up to 10,000,000 – we can accommodate your request.
  • Our comprehensive continuity back-up plans mean your samples are secure should the worst happen.
  • Our bespoke, secure facilities mean your samples are monitored 24/7/365.
  • We work to GDP, GLP & GCP standards.
  • Clear and straightforward pay-on-demand pricing model. Only pay for the samples you store, month on month, with no hidden costs.

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