You mention a one-off customer onboarding fee? What is this for and how much does it cost?

We are highly regulated by multiple governmental organisations. This means that we are required to ensure that all samples and products we store have been legally, ethically and morally acquired and we are allowed to store them on behalf of the customer.

Depending upon the complexity of the samples, their origins and route to our facility, we must complete a due diligence exercise. This requires cross-reference of governmental requirements and ensure our internal tracking and documentation clearly shows that everything is above board.

We undergo annual on-site audits by our accreditors. They check through our Quality Management System for evidence that these due diligence checks are in place. If we find any documentation missing, we will do the leg work on your behalf to get everything in place for you.

The price of the onboarding is very much depending upon the complexity of the samples stored, and where they are coming from. For example, checks on the import and export permits, coupled with APHA and ethical requirements for non-human primate samples from China will take us longer than GMO level 1 bacterial sample from an established UK provider.