You mention end-to-end cold chain logistics service, can you help with other shipments?

At Cryoniss, we endeavour to remove as much non-value-added time from our customers as possible. Coordinating the logistics of sample shipments, we believe is not the best use of highly skilled scientists’ time. Whether it is hunting around for dry ice and packaging or chasing customs for updates, scientists should be at the bench driving forward scientific advances to make a difference to patients’ lives. It is for this reason, we provide a fully tailored logistics management solution to our customers. As we have the scientific expertise to understand the sample biology, coupled with extensive experience of coordinating international shipments of biological and biohazardous materials, we are able to work on our customers’ behalf to provide an end-to-end solution. Working with our premium couriers and on-site scientists we schedule the delivery of complete validated packaging for the samples to be put in and taken away by the courier. Working with our courier partners, we complete all import and export paperwork and ensure the shipment has been pre-approved by customs before the samples are collected. During the shipment, we provide routine updates to customers and in the event of any issues or delays, we work on our customers behalf to resolve these expediently, whilst guaranteeing the samples remain of the highest quality. For example, dry ice replenishments are standard practice.