How does the Cryoniss clinical sample storage work?

Cryoniss provides secure storage of clinical samples from Phase 0 through to Phase IV. Clinical samples can be stored at ambient temperatures, +4°C -20°C, -80°C and vapour phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C). In certain circumstances, same-day access is available.

  • The Cryoniss pay-on-demand pricing model means upfront costs are limited to a small setup fee. This is to facilitate the reservation of storage capacity.
  • Our world-class storage facilities, provide alerting and reporting functionalities which are monitored 24/7 with 21 CFR Part 11, ISO9001 and ISO17025-compliant laboratory systems.
  • Complete backup arrangements are in place for all our facilities.
  • Cryoniss processes and procedures have been diligently developed to ensure sample integrity is always of the highest standard.
  • We operate to the principles of Good Clinical Practice and Good Laboratory Practice.
  • Upon completion of the clinical study, we will continue to store samples under our Human Tissue Authority licence.
  • Clinical samples can be retained for future research purposes if required.
  • We also have appropriate procedures in place for the repatriation or disposal of clinical samples.

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