Perfectus Biomed

Perfectus Biomed are a GLP-compliant and UKAS accredited ISO 17025 contract testing laboratory. We are leaders in providing standard and customised microbiology testing services to clients in a variety of sectors, including wound care, medical devices, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, disinfectants, dentistry and oral care. Perfectus Biomed can support your outsourced microbiology and regulatory submissions.

Contaminated cell lines can often be challenging to detect, potentially impacting the performance of cell lines, and sometimes posing a biosafety risk to the operator.

At Perfectus Biomed, we have developed a sensitive and robust suite of quality control assays, to provide cell culture biologists assurances of the quality of their samples. 

Our panel of tests include:

-Mycoplasma contamination detection

- Human cell line authentication

- Non-human cell line authentication

- Murine, human and Xenotropic virus detection


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