Greenlight Computers

Greenlight Computers is proud to be a long-term partner to Cryoniss.

The Greenlight Computers Group provides a comprehensive suite of IT Consultancy, IT Support, IT Procurement & Recruitment Solutions through dedicated and experienced teams of industry professionals.

Greenlight Computers primary advantage is our “single point of service” helpdesk team who will manage all client enquiries from computer issues, telephony, training, procedural, domain management, 3rd party escalation etc. giving client staff only one number to call.

Helping clients deploy and operate Secure Cloud Solutions is core to the way we enable our clients, making best use of the latest enterprise technologies available. Designing internal and external network infrastructures to strict cyber security principles safeguards our client’s valuable workloads.

The Greenlight Computers team has a wide spectrum of clients, the largest group of which are in the Life Sciences sector. Several members of the team are trained in the GLP, HIPAA and GxP Compliance regulations to provide a skilled extension to our client’s quality management systems.

For more information please call us on +44 (0)1625 460235

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