Thank you to our Summer Scientific Intern Ana Fernandes

Thank you to our Summer Scientific Intern Ana Fernandes

Cryoniss is passionate about enabling exceptional science and we do our part supporting customers to acquire, transport, store and test the quality of their samples.  As research scientists ourselves, we understand the challenges that scientists face on a daily basis and constantly improve our services to further support our customers.  However, the scientific landscape and its subsequent challenges, are changing on a daily basis, with the advent of new technologies and environmental challenges, for example a global pandemic. 

Ana was recruited to assess the impact Covid-19 has had on the drug discovery and clinical trial processes, enabling the management team to reassess our services in light of a new post-Covid-19 era. 

“After completing my 8- week internship at Cryoniss, I’m leaving this company as a changed person. Spending this time surrounded with brilliant and hard- working people, helped me to grow and develop in many different areas, and it gave me a better insight on how it really is to work for a company. Furthermore, this internship helped me to improve my work ethic and discipline, to be more confident and independent, and to work within a team.

Working on scientific research and writing case studies for the company’s newsletter helped me to gain more knowledge in specific areas, especially, in the drug discovery development over time. Researching about this topic helped me to understand about major advances done in this field, and how these might improve the discovery process in 5/10 years, especially artificial intelligence. Having learned so much about this specific sub- topic and how this will benefit pharmaceutical companies, allowed me to prepare a presentation about it, in order to share everything that I have learned in the past few weeks. I do believe that all the technical and interpersonal skills that I have acquired during this internship will be crucial tools for my next years as a student and for my future career, as my main goal is to work in the pharmaceutical field.” 

Ana Fernandes


“It has been an absolute pleasure to have Ana as part of the team at Cryoniss.  Ana has excelled in investigating the latest research and trends in science and took the initiative to communicate these to our team and the wider community via our company LinkedIn and Twitter pages.  The information Ana has gathered will help Cryoniss’ management team to reassess our services, ensuring we continue to support our customers in the best way.  Ana is hardworking, supportive and a real team player.  Whilst we are going to miss her, I have no doubt that Ana will have a bright future in the science, and I look forward to our next virtual coffee catch up!”

Sonia Houghton

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