Protecting the things that matter the most and delivering peace of mind to our clients

Protecting the things that matter the most and delivering peace of mind to our clients

At Cryoniss, it is vital that we ensure the safety, quality, and integrity of the biological samples we store on behalf of our clients. This would not be possible without a temperature monitoring system.

To find out more about how we protect our samples, we meet Paul Flood from Contronics - the leading supplier of laboratory monitoring systems, calibration and temperature mapping services to NHS, healthcare and life science organisations.

Tell us a little bit about Contronics?

Protecting the things that matter the most and delivering peace of mind to our clients is what we do best. For over 25 years, our laboratory monitoring systems, calibration, and temperature mapping services have helped protect temperature-controlled medicines, blood/blood products, reagents, tissues, and vaccines across the UK, ensuring they are constantly stored in the right environments.

We perform temperature mapping and temperature calibration to ISO 17025 standard. We also support our customers with installation, commissioning, qualification, training onboarding along with planned reactive maintenance services and technical support.

How have you helped Cryoniss?

We wanted to help Cryoniss remove any sleepless nights worrying if their freezers were ok by designing and installing a robust system that would ensure they would comply with regularity requirements and guidelines, such as GXP’ Data integrity Guidance and Definitions and fully compliant to FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Our Qualification protocol included performing an intensive IQ/OQ to ensure the system worked perfectly.

What are some of the benefits to Cryoniss?

Flexibility was a key requirement for Cryoniss, so we recommended our multi-user ProLog Wireless Monitoring System, which can be easily relocated and is expandable. This means Cryoniss can be flexible with their freezer locations.

The ProLog Wireless Monitoring System allows the Cryoniss team to login remotely through our secure ProLog portal. They will receive alarms via text and email whenever our loggers detect an excursion.

Onsite users can also access the system via an InfoPoint, which is a 16”, wall mounted, colour LCD touch-screen alarm and display station. It’s simple to use and requires minimal training. The InfoPoint has a permanent display and will also create audible and visual alarms. Alarm information can also include advisory text for each individual sensor, helping users follow our procedures and take immediate corrective action.

Have your systems helped with the vaccine rollout?

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine must be stored at -70o, which has caused some logistical challenges for healthcare services across the UK. We were approached by an NHS Trust client with a very short notice request for a UKAS accredited, ISO 17025 standard temperate mapping of a -80o freezer, to help with their vaccine rollout. In just 5 working days of receiving the request, we successfully set up, measured, and finalised the mapping report to ISO 17025 standard. We were delighted to get involved and to help the NHS during such a difficult time.    

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