Meet our supplier: A4P Logistics

Meet our supplier: A4P Logistics

Interview with Scott Vincent, Director of A4P Logistics


Tell us a bit about the company?

A4P has sector leading expertise and proven achievements in global shipping of time and condition critical materials.

A4P’s client customised, fully managed, and competitively costed solutions involve extensive research into vendor selection, focused detailed planning and rigorous oversight of every step in the logistics chain including customs brokerage and all commodity coding and documentation.

A4P provides delivery solutions of cell therapy materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients, biological products and clinical trial specimens, materials covered by dangerous goods regulations, bulk specialist equipment and small parcel materials and documents. 

A4P’s expertise and experience in logistics extends into operational support for clinical trial management of bio samples. This includes protocol set up and production of lab manuals, related aspects of safety assessments and patient screening and stratification, shipments, and laboratory liaison.


How long have you been in business?

A4P Logistics has been in its present form for over 9 years but has experience of over 20 years in the industry.


How many people do you employ?

A4P we employ 14 full time employees within the UK and Europe


Where are you based?

We are Based in the UK on Discovery Park Sandwich Kent the previous European headquarters for Pfizer.


Are you an international company?

We are an international company with partners and employees across the world helping us to deliver seamless logistics services.


What challenges have you faced during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We have experienced significant adaptation, change and growth during this time. Many studies had to stop suddenly whist a larger number of programmes had to be initiated quickly in support of COVID-19. This was all within the context of more complicated logistics with fewer flights and reduced courier operations.


What challenges are your customers facing currently? And how are you addressing those needs?

Colleagues working from home and facilities open for limited hours. A4P logistics have ensured good levels of communication to the right individuals within a team whilst ensuring logistics solutions remain flexibility to the challenges face by clients.


Why do you think this change has been important to how you deliver your services and to the needs of your customers?

This will only install great confidence in our working with Cryoniss and install confidence in our customers to the quality they will receive working with Cryoniss and A4P.


As you look to the future what do you think will be important in the next 12 months? To you and your customers?

Adapting to a new way of working, conducting business remotely without losing the effectiveness of good communication and being able to appreciate the challenges that a client may be facing within everyday business life.


On a lighter note what are you looking forward to doing in the next few weeks?

Looking forward to some holiday days, hopefully enjoying the great British summer by the sea.

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