Meet our partner: Sygnature Discovery

Meet our partner: Sygnature Discovery

Sygnature Discovery is a leading independent provider of integrated drug discovery and pre-clinical resource and expertise.

We offer fully integrated discovery project support, as well as discipline-specific support in medicinal and computational chemistry, bioscience, DMPK, in vitro pharmacology, and in vivo pharmacology, as needed by our collaborating clients.

Sygnature’s primary focus is value creation for our clients – providing advanced scientific knowledge and intellectual input to accelerate customers’ drug discovery projects from target validation and lead optimisation through to pre-clinical candidate

Recently, we extended our in vivo pharmacology capabilities by acquiring a translational oncology team which offer bespoke, high-quality oncology in vivo pharmacology services. The team is led by Jane Kendrew, our Director of Translational Oncology, who has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years.

Oncology drug discovery is an exciting therapeutic area to be involved in. Within Sygnature, the Translational Oncology team continues to focus on science and application of the science to drive drug discovery forward. The ability to work with clients on their projects which are aiming to change the face of cancer therapy is immensely rewarding said Jane

Key to the success of any project in the oncology space is access to human and mouse tumour cell lines, which enable projects to build a compelling platform of evidence spanning both in vitro and in vivo assays. As a company it is important we support our clients by investing in these critical assets by building cell line banks which have been authenticated and also screened for use both in vitro and  in vivo commented Jane.

Cryoniss support our cell line screening by providing access to the services of validated approved providers. By using Cryoniss we are assured of the quality of the screening data. In addition, Cryoniss are reliable and efficient, which is always very important, but especially if a client’s timelines are short.

Having invested in producing authenticated and screened cell line banks which are available for clients to access, we need store them in a secure facility. Cryoniss’s vapour phase liquid nitrogen facility at Alderley Park is an industry leading facility which meets all of our needs.

In providing both screening and storage services to us, we have access to industry leading services, allowing us to focus on our client’s project and scientific needs. 

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