Meet our partner: ApconiX

Meet our partner: ApconiX

ApconiX are experts in ion channel testing, target safety assessments and in all aspects of nonclinical programme design and delivery. Formed by three AstraZeneca colleagues, Professor Ruth Roberts, Dr Richard Knight, and Dr Michael Morton, ApconiX is a world-renowned company founded on the skills and experience of a growing team with a wide range of expertise in nonclinical drug safety.  The changing face of drug discovery and development means a safe pair of hands is needed to help companies navigate the difficult pathway towards safe, effective, and profitable drugs.  ApconiX is continually forming collaborative relationships and helping customers large and small.

Dr Michael Morton heads the ion channel laboratory.  Mike is an expert electrophysiologist and ion channel biologist with extensive experience gained in academia and industry in a career that has spanned pure research, ion channel assay development and large-scale screening of all manner of ligand- and voltage-gated ion channels.  Mike has a serious passion for ion channels and enjoys working with collaborators and clients alike to ensure the highest quality data are used to support better decision-making.

“We help our customers with a dedicated electrophysiological expertise and customer focused flexibility.  Our nonclinical safety experts are uniquely position to work with project teams to interpret data in a drug discovery context”, commented Mike.

“Our services include ion channel screening for hERG, cardiac and neuro liabilities, all elements of the CiPA paradigm and bespoke assay development.  Direct, functional measurements are carried out on the latest generation, large capacity, automated electrophysiology platforms. A key benefit of our service is the rapid turnaround, enabling over 80% of data being returned to clients withing a week”, added Mike.

Cryoniss support ApconiX by providing assurance of their cellular reagents.  Their engineered cell lines are safely stored in our world-class vapour phase liquid nitrogen facility at Alderley Park.

“At Cryoniss, we provide optimal storage and logistics management of samples.  Our customers have access to their samples whenever required. Next-day access is included in all our contracts and we are always happy to accommodate urgent requests when needed,” assured Sonia Houghton, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Cryoniss.

“With Cryoniss, we know our cells are safe and accessible the next working day. Sonia and her team are incredibly helpful and provide us with a great service," agreed Mike.

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