Cryoniss Christmas Opening Hours

Cryoniss Christmas Opening Hours

Here is a quick update on our Christmas opening hours.

'Last Cryoniss' (days for submitting requests)

It’s finally looking just a little bit like Christmas, and with that in mind, to make sure we fulfil all of your Christmas wishes, make sure you’re aware of our Christmas deadlines. 

  • Final Shipment Requests to be submitted by 21st Dec 

  • Final Retrieval Requests to be submitted pre 12pm 23rd Dec (dispatched on 24th)

  • Final Storage Requests must be submitted pre 12pm 23rd Dec (will be stored 24th)

‘The Twelve Days of Cryoniss’ (when Cryoniss intend to have a good, old chill!)

We officially close from 3pm 24th Dec till 8am 4th Jan. Yes, that’s twelve days! How very convenient for our laboured puns! Ding, Dong, Merrily on High and Goodbye to 2020!

‘Thank God it’s Cryoniss’ (because you can still access your samples)

If the thought of 12 solid days without ice-cold freezer fun makes you shiver, breathe a sigh of relief, put down the Bailey’s and Toblerone and pick up your laptop, because we can still handle urgent requests over the Christmas period. However, please be aware, these will incur out of hours charge. Altogether now….‘Bah, Humbug!’

‘All I want for Cryoniss, is………. you (to ensure my samples are safely stored and continuously monitored during this festive season’) 

This was actually what Mariah was really singing about – she made it very clear she didn’t want a lot for Christmas, just good old-fashioned peace of mind and sample integrity. With this in mind, rest assured Cryoniss staff will still be monitoring the facility over the Christmas period to ensure your samples are safe.

For more information please call us on +44 (0)1625 460235

Or email us at