Caroline Eckersley joins Cryoniss as Documents Manager

Caroline Eckersley joins Cryoniss as Documents Manager

Cryoniss provides its customers with tailored solutions all designed around removing as many blockers for our customers as possible.  However, working in such a highly regulated environment, we have to have in place a robust Quality Management System (QMS), which is backed up by a plethora of procedures, processes, and highly trained, competent employees.  Having worked in this field in previous roles, we understand the importance of adherence to a QMS.  However, this can be challenging too as a company we place customer service at the heart of our business, which requires us as a company to be agile and adapt our solutions to those issues that are at the heart of our customers’ priorities.  Now, more than ever, our customers are facing new challenges themselves with the arrival of Covid-19 pandemic coinciding with Brexit.  It is for this reason that our entire QMS has been developed from the onset, based upon a Lean Six Sigma Philosophy, Kaizen, or as Phil would say, common sense.  Our QMS, along with our Quality Assurance Policy, enables opportunities for continual improvements to be implemented seamlessly but still in a highly controlled manner. 

As we expand the team, Caz has come onboard to take the role of Documents Manager and oversee and maintain the data accuracy across the organisation.  With a degree in English and American Literature, coupled with over 22 years of teaching, training, administrative and recruitment experience, Caz has the perfect experience for this role and brings a fresh perspective, and sense of humour, to further challenge and develop the team. 

Caz's thoughts...

“It's been a whirlwind of a first week, and I’ll tell you something for nothing…these guys have POLICIES! And I’ve read them. ALL. But behind the documents stands a team of passionate, enthusiastic and determined individuals who are 100% behind the service they are providing at Cryoniss. It’s just they like to talk and write about it. A LOT! I’m not used to working with scientists and I’ll be honest, it’s not the staid and sedate atmosphere I was expecting. After 22 years in a secondary school classroom I was expecting something a little more, clinical? Quiet? Granted, they have a ruthlessly organised document management system, and they are ruthlessly determined about preserving the integrity of their both business and their service, but they have also been personable, welcoming, funny and supportive. I’ve had a genuinely fascinating and inspirational first week and I’m looking forward to many more.”

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