Honesty is our number 1 best policy

Integrity and honesty are things we talk about at Cryoniss a LOT!

Honesty | Cryoniss

Understandably it’s mostly in terms of biological sample integrity – how we preserve and protect the quality of the precious cargo we look after.

Everyone claims they’re honest!

The OED defines integrity as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, and maybe we should shout equally loudly about that side of our business.”    

Everyone claims they’re honest – of course, they do! What business in its right mind would admit to cover-ups, subterfuge, being dishonest? But it’s all very well to claim honesty – real trust has to be built, earned and proved through ongoing relationships.

Built by scientists, for scientists.

We’re founded by scientists who’ve experienced the time delays to projects and subsequent frustration of non-sensical data, or non-reproducible data, caused by poor sample quality.  It takes so much time and resource to validate reagents and troubleshoot assays, the last thing you need is for anyone to ‘hide’ a mistake through dishonesty for fear of retribution. 

At Cryoniss, we put trustworthiness and honesty at the centre of what we do.  After all, we are asking you to place your trust in us that we will keep your samples safe and sound.  To achieve your trust, you must be confident that we are open and honest. After all, things do go wrong, especially in such challenging times.    

In the spirit of honesty, let me give you a couple of concrete examples. 

We have had freezers fail in the past containing customers’ samples.  However, our business continuity plan is based around the ‘time to failure’ for our freezers, so our team were on-site securing samples to a backup freezer in plenty of time to ensure no temperature incursions were experienced.  Our immediate focus when this happens is to secure the samples.

Secondly, notify the customers providing details of the temperature ranges and steps taken.  We automatically raise a corrective action and preventative action, which is shared with the customers providing confidence in our continued performance to look after their samples.  We have two temperature monitoring systems reporting and alarming for every storage unit and data is captured and backed up every minute and kept indefinitely.

So, we can provide full temperature reports for every individual sample held in our governance for the duration of their time with us, even if that is 15+ years.  Just in case you ever wanted to build further confidence.  

If you contact us for a quote to ship some samples from US to China, we’ll take the time to research it thoroughly, contact specialist couriers who we trust, take into consideration import and export requirements, scope out the route to ensure dry ice replenishments are scheduled appropriately alongside external factors such as bank holidays, and then provide you with an honest cost.

Not sugar-coated with cut corners to win your business, but realistic, so that you can forward plan your budgets properly minimising the risk of hidden costs.  We are upfront though and say this initial process can take a little while, which may delay a shipment being collected; however, in our experience it speeds up the shipment time itself and importantly, significantly reduces the chances of delays in customs.

We will however communicate with you the expected timelines and check upfront these match your project timelines.    

Honesty runs throughout our culture. It’s ingrained in our QMS that all employees, whatever their perceived ‘rank’ are actively encouraged to speak out if they are unhappy with any aspect of our processes and procedures, and that their opinions will be listened to and valued. Similarly, we’ve created a spirit of continual improvement where asking for help, additional training or further clarification is seen as a strength, not a frailty.  

And that’s why we’re certain that if you choose Cryoniss, whether it be for sample storage, logistics coordination or business continuity management, we’ll prove to you that straightforward, open honesty really is our best policy.