Jane Theaker M.Sc, FIBMS | CEO​ | Kinomica

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Kinomica is a proteomic-data science and diagnostics company specialising in cell signalling.

Kinomica offer KScanTM, a powerful suite of advanced proprietary bioinformatics and phosphoproteomics analytical methods that can provide direct activity measurements of multiple endogenous kinases and comprehensive cell signalling network coverage.

Kinomica’s approach to measuring the phosphorylation signature of proteins, rather than using gene expression, provides a direct snapshot of protein and cell-signalling activity. They have preclinical proof-of-concept data to demonstrate that our game-changing biomarkers predict drug response more accurately than current state-of-the-art gene sequencing.

Unlike existing state-of-the-art technologies and diagnostic tests, KScan™ uses proprietary computational algorithms to interrogate the phosphoproteome and identify clinically precise biomarkers for more accurate drug monitoring and efficacy predictions, which could lead to significant improvements in patient stratification.

Kinomica’s R&D services can be tailored to meet individual customer needs, and Kinomica intends to expand its offering by developing a companion diagnostics line for use in diagnostic decision-making.


Jane Theaker M.Sc, FIBMS | CEO​ | Kinomica

"We had 156 irreplaceable Acute myeloid Leukemia samples which needed shipping from Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Ontario Canada to our labs in Bart's Cancer Institute London. This shipment was complex because it involved human samples, shipping across customs borders to the UK, organising appropriate insurance levels and shipment in liquid nitrogen. To say this shipment had me waking up in a cold sweat at night is an understatement! If this shipment had gone awry, then a huge portion of our grant money would have been wasted. I needn't have worried. We gave Sonia the pick-up and delivery details and she sorted everything else out. Including the chain of custody documentation and risk assessments. She has also helped us out as we look to relocate lab facilities by storing plasticware and reagents for us during COVID lock-down, which has been super helpful. Sonia provides a premium service for an amazing price. I'd certainly entrust her with my samples, and we now recommend all our customers use her for sample shipment. Hassle-free sample shipment!"

Jane Theaker M.Sc, FIBMS | CEO​ | Kinomica Ltd

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