Fiona Hewitt​ | Microbiologist | Lamellar Biomedical

Cell Banking | Logistics management

Lamellar Biomedical requested Cryoniss' support for the storage for their mammalian cell lines. 

Being located 222 miles away from Cryoniss' liquid nitrogen facility at Alderley Park, Cryoniss worked with their logistics partners to implement a seamless process for the Lamellar Biomedical team to access their samples.  Lamellar Biomedical scientists only need to send a request for samples to either be dropped off or sent to them, and the Cryoniss team take care of all logistics on their behalf, including the on-site provision of UN3373 labelled packaging and dry ice.

"Cryoniss have excelled in tailoring a storage solution that suits our laboratory’s needs and fits seamlessly into our daily operations. Their deposition and retrieval systems are straightforward, secure and enable complete flexibility in movement of our samples where and when we need them."

Fiona Hewitt​ | Microbiologist

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